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VikingTours is your top choice for exploring the stunning Westman Islands with tailored group and private day tours. We specialize in staff outings, holidays, graduation trips, and spontaneous adventures. Our excellence in planning ensures a seamless, memorable experience, collaborating with top local travel and dining providers, including cruise ship operators. From breathtaking landscapes to rich cultural encounters, we make every aspect of your visit extraordinary.

Boat Tours

Set sail on a breathtaking journey around the Westman Islands. Experience stunning coastal landscapes, majestic cliffs, and vibrant marine life from the sea. We've partnered with top local operators to offer the finest boat tours. Enjoy local guides' fascinating stories and insights as you sail through pristine waters. Marvel at unique geological formations or spot puffins and seals in their natural habitat. Discover the true beauty of the Westman Islands with our carefully selected tours.

Hey there! Ready for an epic adventure around the Westman Islands? I’ll guide you from start to finish, beginning at a convenient spot and looping back after an unforgettable journey. You’ll get to hang out with me and my puffin pals, and we’ll show you all the coolest spots that make our island home so amazing.


Other Activities in Westman Islands

Enjoy a handpicked selection of fun, unforgettable activities in the Westman Islands. From scenic hikes and volcanic explorations to cultural tours, there’s something for everyone. Led by local experts, our activities showcase the island's breathtaking landscapes and unique wildlife. Whether seeking adventure or cultural immersion, these experiences promise to be enriching and enjoyable. Discover the best of the Westman Islands with our curated activities.

Specialists in Westman Islands

Explore the Westman Islands with guides and organizers who were born and raised here. Their local knowledge ensures you discover the island's best-kept secrets and beloved spots. Experience authentic insights and exceptional service from true locals, making your visit truly special.

Trusted partners

We collaborate exclusively with companies we know and trust. Our partnerships are built on years of positive experiences and reliable service, ensuring you receive the best possible experience. Enjoy top-quality travel, dining, and activities from our trusted providers and partners.

Ambitious layout

Our ambitious layout reflects our extensive experience in creating exceptional travel experiences. Every detail is meticulously planned to ensure your journey is smooth, enjoyable, and memorable. With years of expertise, we provide seamless and enriching adventures tailored to you.

Combined Tours in Westman Islands

Wide selection of great fun.


VikingTours is a family-run business with extensive experience and deep knowledge of the Westman Islands. We offer a wide range of tours, including car, bus, and walking tours, all guided by locals who share fun stories and fascinating facts about the islands. Our tours allow you to explore the magnificent nature, diverse birdlife, and rich volcanic history that make the Westman Islands so unique. Whether you're interested in hiking scenic trails, exploring volcanic formations, or learning about local traditions, we have an adventure for you. Our sea and land experiences are tailored to provide the perfect blend of excitement and education. Whether you're in a group or traveling solo, we strive to create the perfect day for you on the islands. Join us year-round to discover the hidden gems of the Westman Islands, from its stunning landscapes to its vibrant wildlife. Let VikingTours be your guide to an unforgettable adventure, where storytelling meets exploration. See you in the Westman Islands soon!

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