Volcano ATV Tour

The incredible landscape makes this tour amazing

The ATVs are self-contained and easy to drive, therefore no special experience is required. All ATVs are for 2 persons and the driver must have a valid driver's license and be at least 17 years old, while the passengers must be 6 years of age or older.
Whole year
1 hour
Group Size:
Min 4

A great ATV tour in the Westman Islands new lava field


Volcano ATV has an office in the middle of the town, just a short walk from the ferry or the hotels. You must be there 30 minutes before the tour an when you arrive it’s time to suite up! You will get an overall, a helmet and gloves but we recommend being in a good shoe. When everybody is ready, we will show you how the ATVs operate. The drivers must show a valid driver’s license and be at least 17 years old, the passengers must be minimum 6 years old. And then it's time to drive off!

We drive along the streets and up to the new lava field. We drive in the lava that is only about 50 years old, younger than many of our customers. The guide takes you to the coastal site of the Pelagus accident. Pelagus was a Belgian trawler that ran aground east of Heimaey in a great storm, by the rocky cliffs of the new lava. The Westman Islands Rescue Team sacrificed a lot when rescuing the crew; two of the locals died and two crew members, but six fishermen were saved.

When living of the sea the islanders know that the ocean gives, and the ocean takes. In 1984 another accident happened when Hellisey, a boat with crew of four men, sank 5-6 km / 3-3.5 miles from the islands. One crew member swam all that way in the cold sea, the sea is usually around 3°C / 37°F in March when the accident. He took land in the new lava field, where he had to walk barefoot in ice and snow in the black and rocky lava. In the tour you will sea where he reached land and walked to get some help.

Going to a crater of a volcano is different. It’s easy to imagine you were at another planet standing on the red ground with the hill of the volcano next to you. The view of the surrounding islands is beautiful and the feeling is special, just being in that crater, so powerful.

This tour is ideal for families and friends at all ages (above 6 years old). Through magnificent history of the Westman Islands on fun ATVs.


Guided tour in the new lava field
Price: 11.900 ISK per person if 2 sharing ATV
Price: 15.900 ISK if solo on ATV
Price: 6.900 ISK for children (6 – 16 years)

Good to know

Departure every day at 10:00, 12:00, 15:00 or by appointment
Be at the office 30 minutes before your tour, Strandvegur 65
Driving license required and the driver must be at least 17 years old
Minimum age of passengers is 6 years old
Included: Helmet, overall and gloves


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