Bike Rental

A great way to enjoy beautiful nature at our own pace

Bike around the Westman Islands. A great opportunity to explore Heimaey at your own pace
Whole year
5 hours
Group Size:
1 pers

If you like to explore Heimaey on your own why not rent a bike? Heimaey, the biggest and the only inhabited island, is 13.4 square kilometers or 8,3 square miles big. If you like to go to the crater of the volcano and see the largest puffin colony at the other end of the island it could be a good idea to have a good bike to get between these must-see places.

Come and meet us at the pier, just a minute walk from the ferry.




Unfortunately, it is only possible to book bikes for five hours online,  if you want to book for a longer or shorter time just contact us.

3 hours: 3,000 ISK
5 hours: 4,000 ISK
24 hours: 5,900 ISK
3 -day rental: ISK 13,500

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VikingTours is a family-run business with extensive experience and deep knowledge of the Westman Islands. We offer a wide range of tours, including car, bus, and walking tours, all guided by locals who share fun stories and fascinating facts about the islands. Our tours allow you to explore the magnificent nature, diverse birdlife, and rich volcanic history that make the Westman Islands so unique. Whether you're interested in hiking scenic trails, exploring volcanic formations, or learning about local traditions, we have an adventure for you. Our sea and land experiences are tailored to provide the perfect blend of excitement and education. Whether you're in a group or traveling solo, we strive to create the perfect day for you on the islands. Join us year-round to discover the hidden gems of the Westman Islands, from its stunning landscapes to its vibrant wildlife. Let VikingTours be your guide to an unforgettable adventure, where storytelling meets exploration. See you in the Westman Islands soon!

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