The best of Heimaey

Boat trip and fun bus ride

Experience the islands from land and sea. This trip is wonderfully combined to make one good trip in the Westman Islands.
April - Nov
4 hours
Group Size:
Minimum 8 per.

The island's vast landscape has long been known. Sailing through the magnificent cliff walls and observing the entire bird life is one of the best experiences the island can give. The mind often reaches to the island life when humans were hunting for eggs and catching food, which was considered a good livelihood here along with the fish in the sea. There are great connections to nature in this trip and if you think about how young the island is and many rock formations when it came to being, then this is a truly unique gem and leaves a lot of memories.

The history of the islands is very rich and exploring the island also on land and going over the most popular places then you get all the best from Heimaey. A guide from the Westman Islands readily tells the facts and mixes with stories of the people who live or live here.


The tour starts on the pier. A bus starts and goes along the harbor and into Herjólfsdalur. There you go into the Settlement town and explore the place where the National Festival is held. From there we drive along the hammer and see one of the most popular landmarks of the Westman Islands, the elephant.
Next, Störhöfði and Lundabyggðin are examined. Beautiful views from Störhöfði is the ideal place for taking group photos. Just below the puffin lies only 2 min. to walk there and explore the puffin in its natural environment.
The new lava is next viewed and we see the traces of the 1973 eruption and tell you some funny and devastating stories from that time. So in this trip we are going over all the popular places of the Westman Islands.
Sagnheimar then gives the overall picture and tells about the great history of the Westman Islands.
A boat trip with Theistan is something that leaves a great experience as it sails around the island and the magnificent rock walls enjoy themselves along with the varied bird life of the islands. We go into caves and coves and funny stories told by the islander.


Boat trip on Teistan
Bus ride around the island

Optional Extras

Good to know

You can get help booking and organizing your trip to the island. Book Herjólf, entertainment, museums and dining places.
For smaller groups (8-20), the trip is on the M.B Sprinter 20 Seater. For larger groups, a 50 seater Volvo bus is available

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VikingTours ™ is a family run travel agency with extensive experience and knowledge of the Westman Islands. We offer a wide range of tours and our main sign is a guide to locals. Focus on linking facts to fun stories by the people of the islands. We offer a variety of sea and land experiences, car, bus and walking. Let the magnificent nature enjoy themselves and connect the story and the experience of the people together. Diverse bird life, volcanic history is something that has fascinated a lot and we focus on that whether you are in a group or individuals on a journey we try to fulfill the perfect day in the islands. See you in the islands this summer.
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