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This fun walk is one of the best ways to learn about the history of the islands and human life there, see the spectacular scenery and all the devastation that occurred here in the eruption of 1973. The native guide reviews the history of the eruption and tells you stories of how life is on the island today and what it was like to live here.
April - Nov
3 hours
Group Size:
Minimum 6 per.

The Westman Islands have a unique eruption, where in 1973 a volcanic eruption began in the middle of the night without warning. The impact was great, both for the island and the people who lived there. There is a great story connected to this night both geologically, and the story of the people who had to flee their homes very suddenly. No one knew how big this would be or whether they would ever return. After the eruption, much effort was made to try to bring the island to a standstill. This tour is particularly enjoyable for those who want to learn about the eruption and hear stories from the people who experienced this night. Also, the history of the islands where the Skans stop and the beautiful area of ​​the Skans is explored and the Stave Church and Landlyst are lightly explored. It is always fun to let the mind wander to the past and think about the people who lived on the island before modernity took over. When walking over them, one is more in proximity to nature and what is better than being outside and getting the story straight into a vein from a native islander. There you get a great overview of how devastating the eruption really was and what the people showed so much strength and grief to come back. Sagnheimar frames the overall picture of the island's history with beautiful layout and pictures, and is perfectly chosen to end this walk in this splendid museum located in downtown Vestmannaeyja.


The walk starts at the pier and goes in the direction of Skansinn. There we stop and review the history of the beautiful area that is Skansinn. Lightly review the structures located there such as the Stave Church, Landlyst, the fortress, etc.
From the Skansinn the new lava that was created in the volcanic eruption of 1973 is reached and we arrive where the old swimming pool was. From there we walk along the lava fields where Vestmanneyjabær faces. The history of the lava heat is reviewed and set up on a viewing platform which tells of the endurance that islanders faced after returning home after the eruption. Light and fun walk with a few story stops.
After that, a stroll down the lava and Sagnheim is explored. Museum Worlds is our Westman History Museum and stores our history in languages and images, from the life in the Islands for the Turkish River to the present day. Gives a good picture of the nautical life, the national festival, the grove, the eruption, etc.
The walk ends at the museum so you can go through the museum at the speed that everyone wants. The museum is located in the city center and a short distance from a café or supermarket.


Lava walk tour
Admission fee in Sagnheima
Land art and the Stafkirkkan

Good to know

It is easy walking but it is always good to be in good walking shoes.
Dress for the weather
The walk ends in Sagnheimar Museum which is located in the city center so it is supported in restaurants and all services
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