The Golden Westman Island Circle

Hike, Eldheimar and bus ride

A great way to see the islands and get the story straight into a vein. You are in close contact with nature by walking across the lava and seeing all the traces of the eruption and then having this strong experience to the end of the walk in Eldheimir where horrible pictures close the ring. Then explore the rest of the island and explore it for a fun bus ride.
Whole year
4 hours
Group Size:
Minimum 8 per.

If you are not much for a long bus ride and want to feel good about nature then this is a wonderful trip. Walking through the lava created in the 1973 eruption is a very fun, young country and a great story. A native guide walks with you and walks across the new lava and tells some fun stories from the eruption and the reactions of the people who had to leave the island abruptly during the night in 1973. It shows how much the eruption was and the stories of the people's endeavors are quite incredible. Nature is dreadful, such a recent lava but beautiful views of the beautiful island and town. So sealing the walk by seeing the devastating images in Eldheimar is something that makes this real. But since the island is so complex and beautiful, other places need to be explored so that nothing is missed. Relaxing on a short bus ride and listening to entertaining stories from the island man fits well and a peek into Herjólfsdalur, going to Storhöfði and the puffins if the puffin is on the island. All put together in a fun outfit with a lot of fun and stories that enliven.


The walk starts at the pier and goes in the direction of Skansinn. There we stop and review the history of the beautiful area that is Skansinn. Lightly review the structures located there such as the Stave Church, Landlyst, the fortress, etc.
From the Skansinn the new lava that was created in the volcanic eruption of 1973 is reached and we arrive where the old swimming pool was. From there we walk along the lava fields where Vestmanneyjabær faces. The history of the lava heat is reviewed and set up on a viewing platform which tells of the endurance that islanders faced after returning home after the eruption. Light and fun walk with a few story stops.
The walk ends in Eldheimum, which holds memories of the eruption. It is quite unique to enter Eldheima after crossing the lava and seeing the traces of the eruption. There you can see beautiful and atrocious images of the eruption.
From Eldheimum a bus ride. First it is run into Herjólfsdalur and the history of the National Festival of the Westman Islands is briefly traced as well as exploring the Landnámsbaer. Then drive along the hammer where you can see the Elephant, one of the most famous landmarks of the Westman Islands. After that it is driven out to Storhöfði and we arrive in puffin if puffin season is on the island.


A walk across the lava
A bus ride around the island
Access to Elderly

Optional Extras

Good to know

You can get help booking and organizing your trip to the island. Book Herjólf, entertainment, museums and dining places.
For smaller groups (8-20), the trip is on the M.B Sprinter 20 Seater. For larger groups, a 50 seater Volvo bus is available

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